Giusto for the

All the Panino Giusto quality enclosed in a special proposal dedicated to the little ones!

Giusta for them and for the whole family!

Discover the new menu dedicated to your kids with lots of fresh ingredients carefully selected every day by our Maestri del Panino.

For more than 40 years we have been using only the highest quality ingredients, prepared exclusively for you by our historic suppliers with whom we have a relationship of utmost transparency and trust.

That's why our paninis are even more Giusti, because they are healthy but most of all tasty!

kids menù

Prosciutto di Parma or Cotto with robiolina, encased between two soft slices of bread

French fries served by sauces

One Beverage

A special collection of coloring pages with crayons and lots of great stickers to collect as a gift!

Whether it's lunch or a snack, it's the Giusta break because we are a B Corp and every choice we make is made for future generations and to leave them a lush and prosperous planet.

Una dolce merenda con il nostro paninetto al cioccolato

Prova anche la dolcezza del nostro paninetto al cioccolato, perfetto per una pausa golosa e sana, perchè farcito con crema di gianduia 100% italiana e biologica.

...e tanto divertimento!

As a gift for your kids, a special collection of coloring drawings, with crayons and lots of great stickers to collect! To make your break at Panino Giusto unforgettable