Panino Giusto

Since 1979

Giusti, healty end delicious ingredients

The perfect combination of quality raw materials and the excellence of our Maestri del Panino: a true passion for craftsmanship.

Maestro del Panino

Mastery, Uprightness,

The Maestro del Panino was born with us and it was triggered by our wish to make our customers living a unique experience every time. Our Maestro are inspired by three grounding values: Mastery, Uprightness, Passion. The training of every Maestro del Panino takes place at the Accademia del Panino Italiano, a place of knowledge and in-depth study where "know" meets "know-how" and the art of preparation is refined in every detail.

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Freshly prepared for you

Our paninis are freshly made, by our Maestri, every day.
That’s how they come to you fresh, fragrant and tasty, with an unforgettable flavor.
From 1979 to the present, some paninis have become iconic and unmistakable over time. 
Others have been awarded the prestigious recognition of Authentic Italian Panino, and still others were conceived and created for the first time in collaboration with Chefs of Italian Haute Cuisine.

Historical Paninis

Starred Paninis

Authentic Italian Paninis

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The Italian Panino Academy is the Cultural Foundation created to define the identity and promote the unique qualities of the Italian Panino around the world, raising its status to that of an iconic "Made in Italy" product.