We are the first italian B Corp in the food service industry

In 2019 Panino Giusto modifies its corporate name to Benefit Society and in 2020 obtains B Corporation certification as the first Italian company in the food service industry.

Like B Corp Panino Giusto adheres to the highest standards of social-environmental performance and transparency, for the promotion of a new regenerative and equitable economic paradigm.

To date there are 6400 B Corp's in the world, operating in 60 industries and 77 different countries.

We received a score of 102,7
from the Business Impact Assessment

We are also a Benefit Company

Benefit companies are a new legal form of enterprise introduced in 2015 in Italy. In addition to the profit objectives, Benefit companies include in their statute a purpose with a positive impact on society and the environment. On 30 September 2019 Panino Giusto became a Benefit company by integrating these objectives into its legal status.

Our Commitment

To make the world more Giusto, through a Panino.



Panino Italiano

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Biodegradable and recyclable packaging

"Companies are places where people share time, ideas and projects and where they imagine and create, building something special together. Everyone can do their part, including us entrepreneurs. That is why we have enthusiastically joined the B Corp model, companies that believe that the good of business and the common good are not contradictory but rather can influence each other in a virtuous way. We wanted to make our commitment measurable through an internationally recognized certification that is not limited to certifying a single product but involves all business processes by verifying their impact at the environmental and social levels."

Elena Riva, Panino Giusto's Chairwoman

«We value respect of nature and importance of the territory because we believe in the future of ours Planet»

Renewable Energy

A responsible choice

We choose 100% green power. All our restaurants are powered by renewable sources energies that are inexhaustible and able to regenerate without any negative impact on the environment. In our restaurants even the choice of packaging is important, for this reasons we prefer glass to plastic, because its ecological impact is smaller.

But not only energy, the choice of packaging materials in our premises is also important. Therefore, we prefer glass to plastic, which has less environmental impact.


We reduce the impact on the environment!

We have always been at the forefront of the fight against waste, expressed especially by our choice to make only paninis at the moment. We have always fought waste: we have chosen to made to order our panini and plates by our Maestri.

To reduce our environmental impact we also use packaging made from recyclable FSC paper, and our premises we have chosen returnable glass, limiting our use of plastic as much as possible.


We created the Fornitore Giusto Code!

As the first B Corp in the food service industry, we choose our suppliers based on several parameters of excellence. This is why we created the Fornitore Giusto Code: an internal company policy created to assess the impact of our suppliers in terms of sustainability: ethical, environmental and social.

We favour the use of Italian and traceable raw materials from local producers. We involve our suppliers in a product selection process that ensures the highest quality and a controlled production chain. We encourage and support the consumption of organic and seasonal product.

«We believe in people and their dreams. We engage ourself in projects that enhance talent and diversity»

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All the strength
of a team

A project promoted by Panino Giusto that aims to offer young migrants who have found refuge in our country a real opportunity to integrate through work.

Now in its fifth edition, the course provides specific training and an internship program followed by employment in the food retail.

The main strength of the project is the synergy between skills and talent of private enterprises and non-profit organizations that share their specialised knowledge and resources to help young refugees enter the workplace.

Panino Giusto has been awarded the "Working for refugee integration" award for the year 2018 by UHNCR for its significant commitment in promoting specific programmes for the employment of refugees.

la Fabbrica dei sogni

Fabbrica dei Sogni is an educational programme for the young talent at Panino Giusto who have stood out through their enthusiasm, commitment and ambition. Our objective is to encourage learning and growth and to focus on personal and professional development plans, enabling involvement in effective career growth. Over the years, Fabbrica dei Sogni has been shaped to support the growth of people more effectively and to offer participants ever-new ideas in line with their ambitions. We have reached the sixth edition and so far 120 young people have been involved, 15 of whom have achieved their dream.


The learning workshops dedicated to young people at Fabbrica dei Sogni are animated by the goal of bringing out individual sense-making with respect to one's work and one's contribution in achieving set goals and helping to focus on a project or dream that can start from full self-awareness. During the meetings, efforts were made to solicit passion for "doing well" and interest in the organizational environment, making a focus on team spirit and sense-making in a proactive way.

Diversity & inclusion

The diversity as an opportunity for growth!

We belive that inclusion and diversity are a positive forces for our company. This is why we have created and promoted educational paths for our young people to discovery of how differences of gender, culture, language, can create a positive impact both in the working environment and in the private one. The goal of this course is to support the growth of the individual talent of every people in the company, valuing and integrating among them the diversity of origins, culture, age, sexual orientation, physical ability. In 2019 we created a path on female talent thanks also to the support of external professionals who helped participants recognize and value it, overcoming prejudices and gender stereotypes.

«We consider the Panino Italiano as a unique expression of territory, maestry and Italian creativity. For these reason we»